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The citizens of the United States are polarized in ways that haven’t been seen in decades, and it’s leading to signs of civil unrest all over the country. This is why Americans who care about the direction their country is going in are beginning to do something about it. Veterans of all branches of the United States Armed Forces are individuals who will always take pride in their country and how they have served it. Organizations like With Honor are helping veterans get elected to positions of leadership in Congress and other government institutions.

Reducing Debilitating Hyper-Bipartisanship
The public’s trust in Congress has been declining for more than four decades now, and it’s mostly because of the results of leadership driven by bipartisanship. So many Americans are used to finding Democrats and Republicans arguing about the most simple of matters and creating a stall in decision-making in the process. At the same time, veteran representation in Congress has never been at its lowest.

Currently, only 18% of the members of Congress are veterans. The people who established With Honor feel that veterans are more likely to put the country first before any given political party. This is why they are doing everything in their power to enable top-tier veteran leaders to create bridges across party lines instead of encouraging divisiveness. Money that is contributed to the With Honor organization goes towards funding these carefully chosen candidates in the hope that they will be elected to public office. 

Working with Veteran Candidates
With Honor advocates and promotes veteran public service through charitable contributions, advocacy programs, education, and grants. Veteran candidates running for office are aided in building winning campaign strategies. They are also coached by members of With Honor and given the ins and outs of running for Congress. With Honor supports organizations that are against bipartisanship as well as organizations that support veterans and veterans’ issues.

With Honor has been advocating for policies that are cross-partisan since it was established in 2017. The movement is headed by an Executive Team, Advisory Board and Honorary Advisors. These are men and women who have proven their leadership skills by having occupied, or are currently occupying, top-tier and influential positions in business, various branches of the United States Armed Forces, and public service.