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There are no bigger heroes in our world than military veterans. They risk their lives on a regular basis to help protect the freedoms of the United States. While there is no way to fully honor and reward their sacrifice, movies routinely attempt to display the greatness of our military veterans. Whether they are telling a wonderful true story or something fictional, there is nothing better than a great war movie. These are the four best movies that honor veterans. 

Act of Valor
“Act of Valor” is a 2012 film that tells the story of a team of Navy SEALs as they attempt to hunt down a dangerous group of terrorists before they can unleash a deadly attack. In order to provide the most accurate portrayal of the military possible, the film stars active-duty Navy SEALs. Watching these highly-trained individuals do their job is truly something special. It also creates a level of realism that other films cannot recreate. 

The Patriot
“The Patriot” stars Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger as two American soldiers during the Revolutionary War. Gibson’s character reluctantly forms a group of patriots to take on the British after his son, played by Ledger, is captured. This small group of regular citizens ends up playing a huge role in helping win the war. While “The Patriot” is a completely fictional story, similar events occurred throughout the country during the war. 

Hacksaw Ridge
Mel Gibson is once again involved in a wonderful film honoring veterans. Instead of starring in this 2016 film, Gibson works as the director. “Hacksaw Ridge,” tells the true story of an unarmed combat medic that heroically saves the lives of 75 soldiers during the Battle of Okinawa in World War II without firing a single shot. No film displays the courage and selflessness of veterans better than “Hacksaw Ridge.”

Saving Private Ryan
“Saving Private Ryan” may have been released in 1998, but it is still one of the biggest war movies of all time. The film tells the story of a courageous group of soldiers as they go behind enemy lines to find Private Ryan after his three brothers were killed in combat. The brutality of war and the sacrifices made by the military are the two main themes of the film.