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It continues to be so important to support our veterans throughout the United States, especially in difficult economic times. During the recent coronavirus outbreak, many senior veterans have been required to quarantine from others in order to protect themselves from the illness. By supporting veterans during trying times like this, you can help improve their quality of life. Here are some of the great, creative ways to support our veterans right now. 

Send Care Packages
Many nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping veterans have begun sending care packages as part of their services. Sending a care package can not only provide them with essential things like snacks, books, magazines, and personal care items, but it can also provide some comfort for those who are quarantined from loved ones. Nonprofit organizations like Operation Gratitude can assist in getting care packages to veterans in need. 

Help A Veteran Find A Furry Companion
Many people throughout the country personally know a veteran that may need more assistance or companionship. One great way to help a veteran is to help them apply for a service animal or help them find the perfect pet. For veterans who are looking for companionship, help them look at available animals through the local animal rescues. If you know a veteran who could qualify for a service animal, help them apply for one through a local nonprofit organization like Pets For Vets.

Provide Professional Resources
Many of today’s younger veterans are looking for a career path that suits their strengths and goals and would benefit from the professional insight. If you have professional skills or insight that could be helpful to veterans entering the workforce, make yourself available to share that information. Some organizations can help connect industry professionals with interested veterans, so it may be a good opportunity to consider. A good nonprofit organization that works in this is called the 100 Entrepreneurs Project.

If you are interested in supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping veterans, some great options include the Fisher House Foundation and the United Service Organizations.