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Boots on the Ground NY offers a large variety of services for veterans to ensure they get on their feet on the ground when they leave the armed forces. The founder and president of Boots on the Ground NY is Frank Bania, who is a disabled veteran.

Their board is made up of five military veterans who have truly walked in the shoes of those they serve. This creates a sense of camaraderie with the veterans who use their services.

Many of the volunteers are veterans that Boots on the Ground NY has served. Armed with these volunteers, the organization collects and delivers food to veterans and their families. Last year they delivered 360 Thanksgiving turkeys to veterans in need. 

They also send care packages to overseas units that don’t have access to supplies. Each year they send 10,000 of these care packages. 

Living up to their motto of “Leaving No Veteran Behind,” Boots on the Ground NY provides an open door for veterans who need help. Boots on the Ground NY also collects furniture, mattresses, and toiletries. The door is open for veterans and their families to come and get whatever they need. Their goal is to reduce the cost of living for these families.

They are concerned for veterans who may suffer from drug or alcohol issues stemming from PTSD or injuries sustained in the service. Boots on the Ground NY has a 2,700 square-foot facility where veterans can gather. There are 12-Step meetings, Yoga classes, peer groups, and physical therapy programs available at the center.

There is also a television area in the center, complete with television, billiards table, and a coffee bar. Veterans are free to visit as often as they like if they want some company and camaraderie. There is plenty of both.

Boots on the Ground NY also reaches out to homeless veterans to help. While the number of homeless veterans is getting lower, they know there is still much to be done to get homeless veterans the assistance they need. Boots on the Ground NY focuses efforts on locating and reaching out to homeless veterans.

Founder Frank Bania occasionally hears a success story from a veteran he has helped, and he knows that his organization is making a difference for veterans.