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The memorials and monuments for American soldiers that are found in Washington, D.C., are well-known and visited by millions of people each year. What few people know about are the many other memorials around the world that honor our soldiers. Here are four amazing memorials to veterans that should be included in your “must-see” list.

National Memorial Arch
Located in Prussia, Pennsylvania, honors the soldiers that served under General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. The arch stood 60 feet tall and was designed by Paul Philippe Cret to reflect the same design used in Rome for Emperor Titus. The arch was erected in 1917 in what is now Valley Forge National Historical Park. At the top is a quote from General Washington that describes what his troops endured during one of the worst winters of the Revolutionary War.

Prison Ship Martyrs Monument
A faceted tower topped with a patina metal sculpture stands in Brooklyn, New York, to honor 11,500 American prisoners of war who served during the Revolutionary War. The soldiers were subjected to horrific conditions aboard a British ship that cost many of them their lives. Prison Ship Martyrs Monument was designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead, and you can visit this amazing veteran’s memorial at Fort Greene, where it was dedicated in 1908 to honor the soldiers.

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
In Colleville-Sur-Mer, France, you can visit another amazing memorial to American veterans, just one of 11 that are found in the country. The cemetery covers a little more than 170 acres with graves for more than 9,000 American soldiers. Serving as the centerpiece is a majestic bronze statue named “Spirit of American Youth Rising From the Waves” that is surrounded by a semi-circular colonnade. You can find the names of more than 1,500 US soldiers in the garden just east of the statue.

Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial
Located in Margraten, Netherlands, the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial includes a long white walkway surrounding a sparkling pool and lined with flowering trees. At the head of the pool stands a statue of a weeping woman to represent the lives that were lost during the war. The visitor center features displays of military maps, Tablet of the Missing, and Court of Honor.